• March 29, 2020
wicked uncle beats girl with sharp knife photos - Wicked Uncle Beats Girl With Sharp Knife (Photos)

p 5 - Wicked Uncle Beats Girl With Sharp Knife (Photos)

f - Wicked Uncle Beats Girl With Sharp Knife (Photos)
Photo of the victim

An Instagram user @presh_enameh has shared the story of a young girl who was allegedly beaten with a knife by her uncle because she expressed herself.

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According to the user, he said he got threatened after trying to involve the police in the matter.

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This happened right before my eyes.. a young girl being beaten by her uncle with a knife just cuz she expressed herself.. it’s three days now and no one has responded to her cries. Speaking with her this morning she told me she have come to understand how cruel the world has is….I got threatened when I attempted reporting this to the police. Female molestation pinpricks that flower in my chest every time i hold my tongue when i could take a stand exhaust me. some days i wish i were not stirred by every minor injustice. some days the inevitable backlash of speaking my mind can send me reeling. the accumulation of anger and dismissal and mockery piles upon my shoulders and seems sometimes too heavy to carry. but even on these days, these quiet, glass-***** lows, i know why i am fighting, and i know to the core of my being that i will never stop. #SayNoToGirlChildAbuse #FeminineVoices #Instablog

A post shared by Julius Precious Enamhe (@presh_enamhe) on Aug 23, 2019 at 3:54am PDT

More photo below:

p 5 300x280 - Wicked Uncle Beats Girl With Sharp Knife (Photos)

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