2014 - Happy Days!Desired Haven
  • 2014 - Happy Days!

    Happy days are here. Enjoy it.

  • Desired Haven

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Welcome to COZA...No Church without you!

  • We Celebrate You!

    You are welcome to The Commonwealth of Zion Assembly. We are very delighted and excited by your interest in our church and in the fact that you have decided to visit us online. The Commonwealth of Zion Assembly is an international church envisioned by God to reach out to the unreached in our generation.
  • Welcome to June!

    God is able to make all grace and earthly favour come to you. You will not only see them, they will come to you. This month, you're furnished in abundance for your life's assigment. Your valley will be filled. God will shine upon you. Your prosperity will silence your adversaries. Rejoice! June is your month of Supernatural Supply.
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